September 22, 2016

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Each Invitee will be asked to choose from one of four parallel sessions on the morning of the Conference.

The purpose of the Breakout Sessions are to facilitate further discussion on the four key themes/challenges which emerged from the Scoping exercise undertaken by the FET2HE Network. The aim of the Breakout Sessions are to provide the FET2HE Network with recommendations, and a future direction and focus for their collaborative work.

The four key topics for discussion are:

  1. ATP opportunities and pathways to FET-HE:  Why do arrangements and requirements differ between FET centres/colleges and HE Institutions? What can be done to make pathways more equitable and transparent in this region?
  2. What barriers do students face in terms of funding, grants, mature students, non-traditional students, including progression from training programmes and to RPL. What are the solutions for this region?
  3. Quality assurance at the counterpoints – shared concerns relating to assessment, curriculum and content. Should FET and HE collaborate at a curricular level? If no, why? If yes, what approach/models should be considered?
  4. Clarity of information & guidance: Why do few students and their families know about all of the options available to them? What will bring around change in that regard in this region?

College Students